Jr Falcon
The Jr. Falcon kit was designed by Carl Goldberg in the late 60's. It seems it was a popular kit.
Below is my Jr. Falcon and information I have found on the Internet.

New Jr. Falcon built from scratch by Andrew Donatelli.
My new Jr Falcon
It has a Mega 16/15/5 motor and 7x4 prop
with 3 cell 2100mah lipo battery
giving up to 20 minutes flight time.
It is a electric powered
version of Carl Goldberg 1960's 38" sport plane.

Believe it or not, I bought the air frame for $10
and now has become my favorite plane.

New foam wing made by Andrew Donatelli

Mega Motors AC16/15/5

Phoenix-25 BL speed control

Another reference to the Jr. Falcon
notice the smaller fin on the stock Jr. Falcon

  Pictures of other Jr. Falcons

Cox Black Widow .049 up front, 2 channels - aileron & elevator. Built by Kenny Williams in the mid '80's,

Built from simplified plans by Jim Zare
for speed 400 power.
Jim sells plans and a short kit EMD 6
Skylark link