A Short History Of Abbotsford Lions Club

Abbotsford Lions Club was chartered in 1944.

Most of our history from 1944 to 1957 was lost but we have been able to locate and catalogue some of our activities from 1957 onwards.

The following is a sampling of the types of donations that were made over the years to the community. Some were one time donations or activities but others are long term on-going projects that provide a continuing benefit to the community.

Small beginnings – 1957 we raised $615.00 from a peanut drive and an auction
March 1958 – put on a $20.00 a plate dinner and raised $1800.00 for a pool for kids
April 1959 – another dinner raised enough money to purchase an ambulance
March 1961 – collected over 100 pairs of glasses
October 1962 – our membership was at 51
February 1963 – we lead a drive for a community centre in Abbotsford (ARC)
August 1964 – First involvement with Abbotsford Air Show
July 1966 – Completed foundation construction for Friendship Arch at Sumas Border.
April 1968 – Purchases an anesthetic machine for MSA Hospital
June 1970 – donated over $4000.00 to MSA Hospital Intensive Care Unit December
1970 – Purchased Zamboni ice resurfacing machine – cost $13,975.00 to be presented at official opening, January 1971.
June 1972 – Took on $7,000.00 project to place seats in McMillan Pool.
April 1974 – Membership had grown to 64
November 1978 – $1,100.00 to be donated to Kinghaven for alcoholics for new flooring.
December 1979 – $2,500.00 to Polio victim electric wheelchair.
May 1981 – Annual International Band Festival with 43 bands and 1,700+ participants.
August 1981 – Donated $17,030.12 to MSA Hospital for purchase of Cardiac Telemetry equipment. September 1986 – $3,000.00 donated to an epileptic boy for artificial leg.
1983 – donated 25000.00 and volunteer labor to Ravine Park revitalization

November 1986 – Took on MSA Neo Natal Intensive Care as major project. $8,500.00 donated – Balance of equipment needed – $33,000.00.
January 1987 – $11,000.00 raised and donated to Neo Natal Unit.
Febuary 1990 – $15,000.00 to Drug Task Force.
June 1991 – $32,000.00 to MSA Community Services for Recycling Truck.
October 1991 – $23,500.00 Fraser Valley Develop Centre. – $37,000.00 MSA Hospital.
May 1994 – $35,000.00 Mill Lake Walkway.
August 1994- Eyeglasses – 2,500 glasses brought in.

Some of our history from 1994 to 2010 has been lost but we are endeavoring to recover it and include it in this history, but we continue with what we do have.

July 2010-June 2011

  • $46,400.00 raised and donated to various charities in Abbotsford
  • 3073 volunteer hours in the community.
  • 4181 pairs of eyeglasses recycled and donated to Third World countries to help people see.

 July 2011 – June 2012

  • $15,689.00 raised and donated to various charities in Abbotsford
  • 3524 volunteer hours in the community.
  • 3026 pairs of eyeglasses recycled and donated to third world countries to help people see.
  • 2011-2012 250 hearing aids recycled

July 2012 – June 2013

  • $8329.00 raised and donated to various charities in Abbotsford
  • 3367 volunteer hours in the community
  • 4055 pairs of eyeglasses recycled and donated to third world countries


And many more projects fundraisers and activities to benefit the community of Abbotsford.

The Abbotsford Lions Club has a proud history of over 70  years serving the community and we look forward to many more years continuing that service, with your help and participation.

Our Club needs more new members with ideas and enthusiasm, to find new and different ways to raise funds, and make our community a better place to live for everyone.

If you are interested in joining the Abbotsford Lions Club or want more information on volunteering for some of our projects and fundraisers please contact us at abbotsfordlions@shaw.ca